Played with 10 a-side, it was created to be a fast and open game (much like the 7s) and still retain character of the 15s.

A format pioneered by COBRA, the key factor here is all-round skills are translated into teamwork at fast pace. This fast and furious mode of play had its first tournament, organised by COBRA, in 1967 amongst Malaysian rugby clubs and went international in 1992. 

Recognised by World Rugby, the popularity of COBRA’s invention has spread worldwide with the 10 a-side format the core of, just to name a few, the Hong Kong 10s, Brisbane Global 10s, Cape Town 10s, Bangkok 10s and Stockholm 10s.

49th COBRA 10s International 2019 Games Highlights



All COBRA 10s matches (Pool & Knockout Stages) shall be played according to the World Rugby By Laws, Regulations and Laws of the Game with Ten-a-side variations as framed by World Rugby and as adopted by the Malaysian Rugby Union. These Laws and Regulations can be found on the World Rugby website.

You may also download the 2019 COBRA 10s Tournament Manual here.


0 - 10
Full Time

Tightly contested matchup between Auckland Varsity Vipers and Brimback Bucks. Both displayed great skill and tactical acumen but reserved in terms of attacking intent. The 1st team to get past the morning nerves first to take that chance will be the team to edge and win. The Bucks was the 1st team to do that.

29 - 0
Full Time

The 1st half was a display of speed given space by the West Coast Sharks #1. KL Saracens featuring young local talent from their academy, unfamiliar with the physicality and speed found themselves 24 point down. Saracens recovered well to limit the scoreline in the 2nd

10 - 15
Full Time

Global Lions with the size advantage were well met by NNK who matched it with their tenacity. Great distribution by Junior Cagaiceva and Joseph Buchanan to put Ball Carriers through to break pass the gain line. Good line speed and hard tackling did enough to slow NNK’s ball recycling at the breakdown. Enough to limit NNK speed merchant Kirchner to lay damage on the wings.

7 - 19
Full Time

Polis Bersatu played a free-flowing style deftly passing the ball while looking for gaps in the defense to exploit. Silverbacks were up to the task and opportunities were limited. However, with good hard-tackling and quick action at the breakdown, allowed the Polis to win possession and go for quick counters.  Silverbacks could not regroup quickly enough.

47 - 7
Full Time

It was COBRA’s game from the kick-off. Featuring players from the Bay of Plenty along side a few of the local lads, COBRA dominated in all areas of the game. With nicely weighted kicks by Jason Robertson and Teaihe Toma, the kick-restart was used to full effect limiting opportunities for West Coast Sharks. The Sharks were not short on effort and were rewarded with 1 try.

0 - 72
Full Time

Bali Development making its’ debut were clearly overmatched in this game. The Blackhawks dominated the game with great running lines and kept the game moving at speed at all times. Though undeterred, Bali could not keep up.

0 - 26
Full Time

The Sharks trying to build after a good start went up against a Vipers team that looked to rebound after a nervy showing in their own 1st game. Vipers ran hard against a Sharks defensive line and were very aggressive at the Breakdowns. Tevita Latu found his groove with great ball carrying and offloads to create points for the Vipers.

0 - 75
Full Time

Despite losing, KL Saracens did well to finish their 1st game on a strong note. However, they could not carry that momentum through against the Bucks. KL Saracens could not maintain possession at the Breakdown. High turnover ball, from defense to offense, Bucks who were clinical against the Vipers showed it here again to run up a high score line.

10 - 24
Full Time

NNK stepped up their game ensuring ball recycling was fast and distribution smoother. Wilneth Ronaldo Engelbrecht displayed great skill in choosing the correct running lines and well-timed passes to ensure his speedy receivers get some running space. Silverbacks kept it tight with quick short passes, cut passes and quick offloads from contact. Riley Jacobson putting a lot of work as Ball Carrier. NNK were the more consistent over the 2 halves hence taking the win.

5 - 14
Full Time

The Global Lions applied their physicality to full effect here stifling Polis free flow style. Polis did find their way to score a try but the game was decided at the scrums. Be it in defense or attack, Global Lions dominated the scrums. Polis scrum-half Muhammad Aqra was hard-pressed to make good. 2 scrums from the 5-meter line, 2 tries under the posts. Blake Hill, Derrick Soqeta and Eman Ione, take a bow.

0 - 83
Full Time

Inch perfect kicking was on display from the restart. Etonia Bosewaqa stood out timely getting under the kicks to either catch or slap back the ball to support runners. Bali enjoyed very limited possession.  83 points was the second highest score of the day.

49 - 0
Full Time

Blackhawks did their homework and ensured Sharks playmaker Ashley Esau’s option were limited in attack. From there it was all Blackhawks attack and the deadliest in open play.

85 - 0
Full Time

The Vipers let it loose on KLS to be highest scoring team of the tournament. KLS were able to do a better job in terms of keeping ball at the breakdown but could not hold against a Vipers team wanting to make a statement.

57 - 0
Full Time

After 2 games, the debutants of the tournament have acclimatised to the weather and the 10s format and definitely a hit a groove in dismantling the West Coast Sharks #2. David Massey looked very at home directing traffic for Bucks to finish the group with 100% winning record. Another Statistic: Tries against Brimbank Bucks: ZERO!

21 - 14
Full Time

NNK went with a more forward approach knowing how good the Polis can be in open play. Brandon Grant doing work up route 1 breaking the gain line every time providing for good phase play. With a good attacking platform, Andre Swanepoel went to work picking holes via ball distribution. After a physical contest in an earlier matchup, Polis struggled at the contact point. Muhamad Aqra, the scrumhalf for Polis, was key in the plot to come back. 2 Tries by their Fijian contingents were not enough though.

29 - 7
Full Time

NS Silverbacks reliance on phase play and keeping it tight worked towards Global Lions favour. The Silverbacks featuring only 1 speedster limited their options. The size advantage proving key at the contact point, pressured the Silverbacks into mistakes when trying to make the key offload. Lions top their group with 3 wins out of 3.

26 - 12
Full Time

Both teams were put to the test in this match up. Blackhawks were definitely up for the game by leading 12 – 5 within 7 minutes of the game. COBRA came back with precision play. Displaying great poise in completing passes against lightning Blackhawks line-peed. Every contact point was a physical battle straying at the edge of the law. Discipline was key but with 1 too many penalties, COBRA proceed to finish the group matches with a 100%-win record.

67 - 0
Full Time

Bali Development have struggled but ball retention improved to maintain a bit more possession. Connor Troy Siolo and Adam Nash tried hard in carrying the ball forward but the Sharks were out for redemption. Winning the physical battle, it was the Sharks on a feeding frenzy.


PLD = Number of games played.
W= Number of games won.
D= Number of games drawn
L= Number of games lost.
TF= Number of Tries Scored (Tries For)
PF= Points For. Total number of points scored by the team.
PA= Points Against. Total number of points scored against the team.
+/- = Points Difference. PF – PA.
BP= Bonus Pool Points.
PTS= Total number of Pool Points.







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