Great execution at the set piece have provided COBRA with Great attacking platform. The results: 2 tries. Blackhawks with good line-speed, kept COBRA at bay. After soaking the pressure, Blackhawks displayed their ability to attack from deep within their territory. A kick and Chase, no-look pass, a quick step and smooth flow, levelled the scores going into 2nd half.

The 2nd half was an increase in intensity by both teams. Be it a possession, a set-piece or at the breakdown, everything was contested and not a single inch went unchallenged. Tries opportunities came and went with desperate defense.

10 meters away with 2 minutes left, COBRA had possession and pressuring the Blackhawks try-line hard. It took 1 error. With the clock running out, a Blackhawk player strayed offside.

The result: Penalty.
Penalty Drop Kick. Between the Posts.

COBRA wins.

With Patient play by the Vipers using multiple phases, they found gaps in the Polis defense. The method worked well with multiple try scorers in the 1st half. Well aware of how the Polis can be dangerous if the ball goes into open play, the Vipers opted to play patient and even keep possession as cost of the gain line. The 2nd half had the Vipers continuing in the same mode of play.

The Silverbacks kept to the same formula which worked for them in the knockout stages. With only 1 speedster on the team, made good work with great support play to score on the West Coast Sharks. Good execution of the set-piece and retaining possession made it an overall dominant display of rugby by the Silverbacks to win the Bowl Championship.

COBRA came out of the gates firing going 3 tries up within 4 minutes of the game. NNK held out to bring it a try back. In the 2nd half, the pace of play by both team went up another gear. The pace forced an error in defense by NNK which resulted in a penalty and a yellow card. COBRA immediately capitalised to score.

The Blackhawks started out strong making use of every available possession to move the ball quickly and pressuring the bucks line of defense. The 1st half showed the Blackhawks quickness to the breakdown forcing penalties and the Buck found themselves 2 tries down. The Buck mounted a comeback and came back with 2 tries. However, the conversion kicks making the difference. Blackhawks advance to the Finals.