Great execution at the set piece have provided COBRA with Great attacking platform. The results: 2 tries.

Blackhawks with good line-speed, kept COBRA at bay. After soaking the pressure, Blackhawks displayed their ability to attack from deep within their territory. A kick and Chase, no-look pass, a quick step and smooth flow, levelled the scores going into 2nd half.

The 2nd half was an increase in intensity by both teams. Be it a possession, a set-piece or at the breakdown, everything was contested and not a single inch went unchallenged. Tries opportunities came and went with desperate defense.

10 meters away with 2 minutes left, COBRA had possession and pressuring the  Blackhawks try-line hard. It took 1 error. With the clock running out, a Blackhawk player strayed offside. The result: Penalty. Penalty Drop Kick. Between the Posts.

COBRA wins.